WOKE JEOPARDY: More Points For Black Folks

January 14, 2022   |   Tags:

Right now. If. Hey, you guys remember Jeffrey Jeffrey still around Jefferies around and help how to jeopardy works well somebody asked a question or ask if they posted an answer. And you were supposed to respond to that answer in the form of a question. Now the venerable Alex Trebek was the original guy who did that; of course, he’s passed away, so we have somebody else to handle who’s doing it right now, but jeopardy, it’s pretty much clear-cut right you’ve got three contestants you’ve got. Answers and they have to come up with the question to the solution. So, for example, if 42 comes up, then the question has to be what is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, right it’s pretty 3 or 4 games, suitable, and then if you get the answer right, you earn points right this is classic jeopardy right. But. Should we even be playing, classic Japanese marques classic get one of the things of classic jeopardy that always bothered me or is just recently starting to bother me this is it’s not woke enough okay Jefferies just not woke enough we need to make Germany more walk. So. We, first of all, have to have diverse candidates or diverse players, right so we have to have a white player, we have to have a black player, we have to have a female player, and then maybe a trans player. Let’s skip when you don’t let’s take let’s mix it up a bit let’s not have white players anymore let’s not have male players anymore let’s not have it, but if we do have white male players, make sure to give them no remove the handicap from them right so if you’re a white male player who supposedly answers a question of when the other points don’t get minor issues god no give them 50 points or subtract what or maybe even better. Instead of giving them 50 giving them points, deduct the points from, but that would be socialist jeopardy like socialist jeopardy would be if one person answers the question everybody gets 100 points right no matter who answers the question everybody gets the points they’ll be socialist Jeffrey S. not quite woke jeopardy, but you know that will work too. So in if a black contestant answers the question and gets it wrong all right, it doesn’t matter. Give them 200 points anyway, just given the 200 points, and if you happen to have an Asian on the panel, don’t forget to subtract points from the Asian yeah because they’re always answering the questions correctly. You can imagine it right. You can imagine woke jeopardy right now in your head. You can imagine it. You can see it happening. What I put three players on living a level playing field when even though you’re bringing diverse people onto the stage, so many of them have so many disadvantages. They have so many disadvantages because their ancestors were slaves or slave owners, or ancestors were you know who knows what. What we wanted to we have one jeopardy now when we play well, Jeffrey. Yes, you see how idiotic that is for every human being. With the capacity for intelligence, every human being can answer a question based on the skill it has to do with the individual’s skill. Why don’t we focus on what a person can do and not what they look like? Why do we have to do that? Why do we have to focus? On what a person looks like and say, ” Well, we’ve got to give them. This so we have to do this it’s a vicious person assigned 15000 points I mean that’s what was happening in Canada when I came in when it came to Canada barely there’s a lot of issues with indigenous folk so give them 15000 points after a while the game comes meaningless. Suppose you ask me a lot of this stuff. It’s going to go. It’s not woke enough either make it woke. Or kill it entirely because. It is woke it always turns to **** that’s it for me for today seem experimental, and don’t forget to think freedom.

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