How much more stupid and evil can Western leaders get?

March 8, 2022   |   Tags: ,

Today, Beloved Leader Uncle Joe announced that no more Russian oil will be accepted in American ports. Although he said nothing about it (that I heard), I assume that the FedGov will seize (steal) any Russian oil already located in terminals or pipelines – or even gas stations. Fortunately, apparently, the Fifty States only gets 5% of our current crude oil from the Russians. But never mind, Uncle Joe boasted about how we will sacrifice by paying higher prices for gasoline and diesel. And never mind that thousands of people are likely to lose their jobs – if not their businesses – because of this ban.

And also never mind, that Beloved Supreme Leader of the Free World also announced that the US will seek to get oil to replace the Russian 5% from the following freedom-loving, liberty-minded nations:

  • Iranian Islamic Republic
  • Bolivarian Republic of Venuezela
  • Saudi Kingdom of Arabia

Supposedly, banning Russian oil will make Putin’s war machine run out of fuel. (Never mind the tons of gold and that annoying fact that even Russia can borrow money just like the FedGov does.)

So, instead, what will getting oil from these three nations at $130+++ per barrel will pay for:

  • Islamist radical terrorism throughout the world (both Shi’a and Sunni!)
  • More revolution in Latin America pushing Communism
  • More abuse – and death – of oppressed women and homosexuals
  • More oppression of minority populations in all three countries
  • and a dozen other causes.

Now, I understand that the DC regime claims that it supports equal (or superior) rights for homosexuals, women, minorities everywhere, and loudly bray that unlike their “far-left” social justice warriors, do NOT support Communism or Socialism. So (a) they are lying (and therefore evil) or (b) they are stupid, or (c) BOTH evil and stupid.

Of course, IF the current regime in DC had not ended the Keystone XL and Dakota Access and other pipelines, I guess we’d be buying oil from (and therefore supporting) that dictatorship in the Great White North (Canada). But hey, sacrifices, right? I know that Uncle Joe (or at least his menders) would love to see more money flow into Trudeau’s coffers, right? But they are willing to give up something for poor, dear Ukraine.

Of course, ALL the Western Powers’ leaders seem to have this same problem. Consider:

  • Ohio has banned the sale of Russian vodka
  • Canada has banned drafting of Russian hockey players
  • Glasgow (Scotland) has banned Russian films
  • Italy has banned teaching Russian literature
  • The FedGov’s European “allies” in NATO have NOT banned Russian oil.

Gee, all that will show Russia how evil they are, and how they must withdraw from Ukraine (and Crimea) immediately or… Well, I’m not sure just what.

PS: I don’t know whether it is because he is senile, coming out, stupid, evil (or all of the above), but listening to Beloved Supreme All-knowing Leader and Ruler of the Free World (and soon the Whole Planet!) this morning, I think he was plain demonstrating glee at the fact that his action will cause fuel prices to go still higher in the Fifty States.

We aren’t in California (where Diesel fuel is approaching $8/gallon) but here in SD, between Sunday and Monday, Diesel jumped from $4.15 to $4.45 a gallon. I am sure its even higher today.