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It's simple music with simple lyrics about what I expect are relatively minor victories (the destruction of some Russian invading forces by Turkish-made Bayraktar drones). But I think the very simplicity of the defiance, coupled of course with the reality of what's going on, makes it oddly affecting. [UPDATE: The video I originally posted,, was taken off because of a copyright complaint; here's a replacement, though it has just the sound and the subtitles.] [FURTHER UPDATE: I had a chance to look for a better video, and found one for which I liked the videos but thought the subtitles were suboptimal; I'm including it immediately below, followed by the one with just the audio and the subtitles.]

The subtitles also help the Ukrainian-language lyrics work for people (like me) who know Russian but not Ukrainian, though they of course also make the message comprehensible for English speakers.

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