“This Could Lead To The Start Of WWIII” – Trump Slams Biden Over Ukraine Conflict

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"This Could Lead To The Start Of WWIII" - Trump Slams Biden Over Ukraine Conflict

President Trump took the stage Saturday night during a rally in Florence, South Carolina where he warned that the Russian invasion into Ukraine could lead to the start of "World War III", and proclaimed that the US needs to get its energy workers back to work.

Trump slammed President Biden for his "weakness, cowardice and incompetence", adding that there is still "a path" for him to "end this tragedy in Ukraine without getting Americans ensnared in a gruesome and very bloody war."

"By the way this could lead to World War III. If you think Putin is going to stop, he's not going to stop. Nobody has ever been tougher on Putin than me. The US must make clear to Putin that he has two choices: that he must accept peace right now or face a push to end reliance on Russian energy."

However, to make this possible, the US must first end President Biden's "war" on American energy.

"We have to get our energy workers drilling, mining and refining like never before," Trump said, before congratulating a band of workers standing behind him. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin "without the money coming in for energy, Russia doesn't work."

As for the weapons the US and its allies have sent to Ukraine, President Trump took credit for sending javelin missiles.

"They sent blankets...and I sent javelins. That was all sent by me. We didn't send our soldiers but we sent them a lot of military equipment," Trump said.

Trump then turned on AOC and the rest of "the squad", which he called "AOC plus three". He mocked them for their climate change alarmism, joking that their "12 years" timeline to stop global warming had shrunk down to seven.

Trump slammed Biden for last year waiving sanctions on the Russian firm constructing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a move that at the time drew pushback from both Democrats and Republicans. Trump said the administration should take a harder stance on Russia. Biden last month announced sanctions against the company in response to the conflict in Ukraine.

He also slammed the Biden Administration for turning to dictatorial regimes like Iran and Venezuela for the oil needed to make inflation drop.

"Biden is crawling around the globe on his knees begging and pleading for mercy from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela."

Trump also took a few moments to slam Reps. Liz Cheney and "Cryin" Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the two GOP representatives on the Democrat-run Jan. 6 committee.

Watch Trump's hour-long speech below:

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