Zelensky Gives Peek At What He’s About To Ask Congress For In Emotional Canada Parliament Speech

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Zelensky Gives Peek At What He's About To Ask Congress For In Emotional Canada Parliament Speech

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is set for a Wednesday virtual address before both chambers of Congress, the second such speech to US lawmakers since the Russian invasion began.

If anyone is still confused as to what he's about to do a full-court press on before the American public and its leaers, here's a sneak peek based on his Tuesday address before Canada's House of Commons wherein he urged a Western-backed no-fly zone over Ukraine

Addressing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Zelensky said, "Dear Justin ... can you imagine every day you receive memorandums about the number of casualties including women and children? You heard about the bombings. Currently, we have 97 children that died during this war."

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"Imagine someone taking down your Canadian flags in Montreal and other Canadian cities," the Ukrianian leader said. "I know that you all support Ukraine. We've been friends with you, Justin, but also I would like you to understand and I would like you to feel this, what we feel every day. We want to live and we want to be victorious."

"Can you imagine when you call your friends, your friend, a nation, and you ask, 'Please close the skies. Close the airspace. Please stop the bombing.' How many more of those missiles have to fall on our cities until you make this happen?" Zelensky asked in the emotional appeal.

His 20-minute speech as reportedly met with multiple minutes of enthusiastic applause by Canadian lawmakers. At various times he appealed to Trudeau directly...

Asking whether Canadians could imagine waking up to bombing in their city, or having their children ask what is going on, having to flee to bomb shelters with limited food, water or connectivity, Zelensky painted a grim picture of what the last 20 days have entailed in Ukraine.

"Dear Justin, can you imagine that every day you receive memorandums about the number of casualties, including among women and children?" he posed.

Ahead of Zelensky's address, Trudeau - who invited him to speak before parliament and the nation, introduced,  "Volodymyr, in the years I’ve known you, I’ve always thought of you as a champion for democracy. And now, democracies around the world are lucky to have you as our champion."

And just like that, after earlier in the day sanctioning the US president and top American defense and intelligence chiefs...

While obviously Canada would never move militarily on its own, likely the Tuesday speech was more about softening up Western leaders - especially in the United States - and the broader public in favor of a no-fly zone

But as Biden himself has previously suggested, a NATO-imposed no-fly zone would quickly trigger World War 3, given it would mean US and NATO planes engaging in a direct shooting war with Russian aircraft. 


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