Zelensky Says “Ukraine Must Recognize It Will Not Join NATO” As Ceasefire Talks Resume

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Zelensky Says "Ukraine Must Recognize It Will Not Join NATO" As Ceasefire Talks Resume

Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podoliak confirmed in a message posted to Twitter on Tuesday that "negotiations are ongoing" after the meeting was "paused" the day prior.

"Consultations on the main negotiation platform renewed. General regulation matters, ceasefire, withdrawal of troops from the territory of the country," he stated. This as the AFP is reporting of the Ukrainian President's latest surprise comments, coming on the 20th day of Russia's invasion: "Zelensky says Ukraine must recognize it will not join NATO."

A week ago Zelensky said he had "cooled" on the question of NATO membership - statements which have apparently led to greater positive interactions with Russia at the ceasefire negotiation table.

In the fresh Tuesday remarks, he also said that NATO Article 5 is "weaker" than ever before. Article 5 spells out the collective defense basis of the Western military alliance, or essentially than an "attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies."

"We realized that Ukraine will not become a member of NATO. We understand this, we are reasonable people," he was reported as saying according to a translation. "Kyiv needs new formats to interact with the West and separate security guarantees."

He are further comments he made:

"Some states of alliance have intimidated themselves, saying that they can't answer. That they cannot collide with Russian missiles and planes in the Ukrainian sky. Because this, they say, will lead to escalation, will lead to the Third World War. … And what will they say if Russia goes further to Europe, attacking other countries? I am sure the same thing they say to Ukraine. Article 5 of the NATO treaty has never been as weak as it is now. This is just our opinion," he said.

One online commenter pointed out the obvious in terms of what many might be thinking, but are perhaps hesitant to say openly... "He needed to say that before the whole country was destroyed."

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