Doug Casey: “Powers Of Darkness” At Play With Coming Digital Dollar

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Doug Casey: "Powers Of Darkness" At Play With Coming Digital Dollar

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 "There's something seriously wrong -- the world's financial system is teetering on a knife's edge," NYT best-selling author Doug Casey warns me in my latest episode, where we explore real inflation readings and why Casey says you cannot trust the U.S. government's official outputted figures

Casey declares that inflation values in the United States range from 15-20%, and are increasing yearly at that rate, which spells bad news for the dollar. 

"The U.S. dollar has been at increasing danger for decades and has gotten to a critical level," he says, promulgating the question – what is the next world reserve currency, and when will the transition happen? 

Casey tells me it will happen slowly over a generation and attributes a, "terminally bankrupt," U.S. government as the culprit for this massive overhaul. The, "[U.S. Government] faces severe danger by digging the deficit hole deeper," he says, as economic sanctions continue to ramp up in a global effort to combat geopolitical aggression helmed by Russia

"The digital dollar is going to happen," the best-selling author of Crisis Investing tells me with full confidence, comparing its creation to Powers of Darkness being at play. 

"[It's] going to be one of the biggest disasters that's ever been visited upon people," Casey grimly predicts due to the gradual control governments have had over their respective populations. 

"I think we're going back to gold," as the most trusted global reserve exchange, Casey continues. "I think it can go a lot higher because there's going be a panic in gold," stating it is not cheap, but aligns with a larger theme the gold community has been underscoring to me for a long time… and this transition may be closer than most investors recognize. 

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