Ukraine Forces Say They’ve Destroyed Large Russian Warship

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Ukraine Forces Say They've Destroyed Large Russian Warship

Ukrainian forces say they have destroyed a large Russian warship in the occupied port of Berdyansk in the southeast, and emerging photos and videos appear to confirm that a Russian ship is indeed on fire.

CNN while featuring images said it "could not confirm the Navy's claim although social media videos appeared to show a very large fire with secondary explosions in the port."

Via Ukrainian military/Daily Mail

Berdyansk is on the Azov Sea, about 45 miles to the southwest of Mariupol and had a small Ukrainian naval base, with the city of some 100,000 having come under Russian control by the end of February, or within the first two weeks of the invasion.

Multiple reports are identifying the warship as the 'Orsk', which only within the last few days landed at the port which the Russians are now using to ferry in equipment for its forces as they attempt to advance across the south.

According to more of what's alleged by Ukraine's military, as reported in the BBC: "A Russian landing ship has been destroyed and two other boats have been damaged in the occupied Ukrainian port city of Berdyansk, say Ukrainian officials."

The "Orsk" warship

"The Ukrainian military posted footage early on Thursday and said the Orsk had been hit by its forces," the report says. "Details of what caused the explosion and fire on board the ship are unclear."

Video showing large fireballs coming from the warship...

Another angle:

And via The Daily Mail: "Ukraine's navy reported Thursday that it had sunk the Russian ship Orsk in the Sea of Asov near the port city of Berdyansk. It released photos and video of fire and thick smoke coming from the port area. Russia did not immediately comment on the claim."

If confirmed that Ukraine's military carried out the attack, one likely possibility is that it relied on its significant drone arsenal, some of which were leading up to the war supplied by Turkey.

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