“It’s Become A Real Hindrance”: Neighbors Complain About Bill Gates’ Sprawling $43 Million Mansion Rebuild In San Diego

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"It's Become A Real Hindrance": Neighbors Complain About Bill Gates' Sprawling $43 Million Mansion Rebuild In San Diego

While Bill Gates tackles his pompous mission of vaccinating the entire world, he is apparently having trouble keeping the peace at his homefront.

The billionaire's $43 million oceanfront mansion in San Diego has become a "nuisance", according to Gates' neighbors. 

The mansion, purchased before Bill and former wife Melinda were divorced, has landed with the patriarch post-divorce, and Bill has been "customizing it to a T" for his own use, according to the New York Post.

The estate, which was formerly 3.5 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms spread across 5,800 square feet, has been "completely demolished", according to the report. Gates is rebuilding the property from the ground up. 

“They are working around the clock to get it done,” one source told the NY Post. 

Photo: NY Post

Accompanied by "two bulletproof suburban security details", Gates has been stopping by and overseeing progress of the project. Construction of  the project started about 3 months ago, despite the fact that it was purchased nearly 2 years ago, in March 2020, around the onset of the Covid pandemic. 

“When he comes, he checks the house, walks out in the front, inspects it,” a source said. 

But neighbors aren't as happy about the renovations as Gates may be. Those living in close proximity of Gates' mansion told The Post that the project has "been a nuisance". 

One neighbor said: “They make a lot of noise, my baby can’t sleep. It’s become a real hindrance on the whole neighborhood.”

The noise could be one reason that permitting to make renovations in the area "takes a while and is nearly impossible". But, as the Post notes, when you have a net worth of $134 billion, it can sometimes be easier to get things done. 

“The home they purchased was in immaculate condition, not exactly sure why he would want to tear it down,” a realtor said.

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