Watch: GOP Rep Trolls Democrats On House Floor, Declaring “I’m Not A Biologist”

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Watch: GOP Rep Trolls Democrats On House Floor, Declaring "I'm Not A Biologist"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

A Republican representative needled Democrats on the House floor Thursday by stating “I am not a biologist” after thanking the “person speaker,” rather than using the word ‘madam’.

Virginia Rep. Bob Good took the opportunity to mock Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s inability to define a woman.

After being introduced by Representative Katie Porter of California, who was serving as House speaker pro tempore during a Thursday hearing, Good stated “Thank you, Person Speaker,”

He continued, “I say Person Speaker because I’m not a biologist, and out of respect to our Supreme Court nominee, I don’t feel qualified to say Madam Speaker.”

Good went on to oppose the Democrats’ Affordable Insulin Now Act which will cap patient out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35 per month or 25% of an insurance plan’s negotiated price. 

Good warned that the legislation, which passed the House Thursday, is “just more of the government controlling your healthcare.”

The Congressman further warned that the Democrat legislation provides a “gateway to their dream of fully socialized medicine.”


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