East Hampton Airport Limits Helicopter Ridesharing; Flight Costs Jump 30%

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East Hampton Airport Limits Helicopter Ridesharing; Flight Costs Jump 30%

Nothing is more laughable than the first-world problems between the haves and the have-mores (or millionaires versus billionaires) of East Hampton on New York's Long Island. 

The latest example is air mobility at East Hampton Airport has been dramatically limited ahead of the summer season. New rules have restricted commercial aircraft, such as rental jets and helicopters, from landing and taking off because of constant noise complaints. 

According to Bloomberg, Blade Air Mobility Inc. will only be allowed to fly in and out of the airport once per day. The helicopter ridesharing program will divert much of its flights to surrounding towns, such as Montauk, Southampton, and Sag Harbor. 

Blade will also hike rates from NYC to East Hampton flights from $795 last summer to $1,025, a 30% increase. The company could charge between $795 and $845 to and from surrounding towns. Advance bookings are four times higher than they were in 2021. 

"The Town of East Hampton's limitations on commercial landings at East Hampton Airport has necessitated the expansion of our schedule to neighboring landing zones," Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal said. 

"Over 90% of our current fliers surveyed have indicated they will utilize neighboring landing zones if faced with a sold out schedule to East Hampton," Wiesenthal added. 

Earlier this year, the town's board deactivated its airport and reopened it under private control. The new rules allow the airport to operate under limited use and only by wealthy people who own private jets. 

This will disrupt the air travel and lifestyle of many millionaires but not billionaires who live and or rent in the area where the average home price in East Hampton is $2.2 million. Some Hamptons beachfront rentals are going for big bucks this summer. One property is asking $1.5 million just for July. 

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