Gun Confiscation Quotes: Quotes About Gun Control from Politicians & Gun Grabbers

April 24, 2022   |   Tags: ,
Gun control is not unique to the 21st Century. The confiscation of firearms has been a government practice for years, throughout societies across the globe – many of which have led to democide. Here are quotes from some of the most infamous gun confiscators in history: Dictators on Gun Control “What good fortune for those …


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Sam Jacobs is the lead writer and chief historian at Work from's Resistance Library has been featured by USA Today, Reason, Bloomberg's Business Week, Zero Hedge, The Guardian, and National Review as well as many other prominent news and alt-news publications. Sam grew up in a working-class suburb in New England. He has lived in the EU, so has spent a lot of time in countries that don’t value gun freedom. He currently lives off-grid with his wife and kid back in the U.S.