Biden Calls MAGA ‘Extreme’ Ideology

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Biden Calls MAGA 'Extreme' Ideology

With his agenda stalled, inflation out of control, and most Americans refusing to believe the White House narrative that it's all Putin's fault, President Joe Biden is now lashing out at the so-called 'MAGA agenda.'

In Wednesday remarks prior to the Fed decision on rates, Biden suggested that GOP proposals are largely in-line with Donald Trump's Make America Great Again ethos which champions lower taxes, America first trade policies, and border security.

During his speech, Biden sought to distance his own economic agenda from Trump's, saying: "It’s a MAGA agenda. Meanwhile, millionaires and billionaires and corporations skate by," pointing to a proposal by Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott, who chairs the Senate GOP campaign organization.

"Imagine that. Just imagine that. I think it is truly outrageous," Biden continued, adding: "It’s extreme, as most MAGA things are."

The White House tried to spotlight Scott’s plan as emblematic of the GOP approach, even though other top Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have distanced themselves from it. Biden said Scott’s proposal would raise taxes for 75 million American families, more than 95% of which earn less than $100,000 a year.


He touted his own economic policies, which he credited for a $350 billion reduction in the deficit during his first year in office. -Bloomberg

"Looking ahead, I have a plan to reduce the deficit even more, which will help reduce inflationary pressures and lower everyone’s costs," said Biden, citing elements of his party's stalled "Build Back Better" plan which has been kicked to the curb by Democratic Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ).

With inflation on everyone's mind ahead of the fed meeting, Biden has been clinging to a promise to reduce the deficit - which Manchin and other moderate Democrats support, while blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine for everything from soaring grocery bills to pain at the pumps.

According to Biden, he can cut the deficit by over $1.5 trillion this year. At the same time, he's asking Congress for $33 billion in additional Ukraine aid on top of the $22.5 billion he previously requested.

That's a lot of fired prosecutors worth of aid!

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