Twitter Ask Employees To Show Up For Work After Comments From Musk 

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Twitter Ask Employees To Show Up For Work After Comments From Musk 

Bloomberg reports Twitter has told employees they should continue showing up to work. This follows Elon Musk's comments on Monday about how he's not worried about an exodus of Twitter staff after his proposed takeover of the social media platform.

Musk told reporters on Monday at the Met Gala in Manhattan that "if anyone doesn't feel comfortable" with the takeover, they can leave the company "on their own accord and go somewhere else ... adding, "it's a free country."  

While details are scant, we don't know if Musk's comments are directly related to Twitter's request for employees to "keep showing up to work," though one would assume so. 

Twitter has already detailed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that one of the risks of a Musk takeover is a potential loss of staff. The filing said:

"We may experience a departure of employees, prior to the closing of the merger." 

Musk is reportedly planning to cut jobs and executive pay anyway as a broader plan to improve the company's company bottom line. One of the biggest cuts he intends to make is axing Twitter's censorship czar Victoria Gadde, who made a whopping $17mln last year.

The world's richest man has routinely expressed "no confidence" in Twitter's current management. 

Discontent among Twitter employees has been increasing since the proposed takeover. Business Insider Kali Hays spoke with a former Twitter executive who said an employee "exodus is building." 

Insiders in the company told Hays employees are unhappy about Musk's move to loosen the platform's rules on moderation. Some employees are in meltdown mode... 

It may appear that Musk's comments earlier this week may have sparked some employees from showing up to work. After all, the Twitter workforce will be slashed anyway once Musk assumes control. 

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