Canadian Gun Stores Report Panic Buying Following Trudeau’s Plan To Ban Handgun Sales 

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Canadian Gun Stores Report Panic Buying Following Trudeau's Plan To Ban Handgun Sales 

Ever since Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau turned the dystopia dial to the max and introduced legislation that would completely freeze the import, purchase, or sale of handguns, gun stores across Canada report a massive surge in demand.

Several gun shops tell AFP News that people are panic buying pistols as supplies were depleted in the wake of Trudeau's proposed freeze on pistol sales last week. 

"We sold 100 handguns, or almost our entire stock, in the last three days, since the prime minister announced the freeze," Jen Lavigne, co-owner of That Hunting Store in the outskirts of the capital Ottawa. 

A similar situation unfolded at DoubleTap Sports in Toronto, where owner Josko Kovic said Trudeau's announcement sparked "a panic, and people are now rushing out to buy handguns." He added, "almost all stores are sold out, including me." 

Trudeau unveiled the new gun control legislation last Monday following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas that killed 19 students, two teachers, and ten at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. 

The prime minister said, "We are capping the number of handguns in this country ... a level of gun violence in our communities that is unacceptable."

Meanwhile, gunshop owners unanimously criticized Trudeau's freeze, which still has to be passed by parliament. 

Lavigne, who owns That Hunting Store said the "measures will only hurt legal gun owners ... it's not going to reduce any of the crime because the bad guys don't follow the rules."

Maybe he's right. Consider the 1982-2010 handgun ban in Chicago, which had good intentions though never panned out as planned as violent crime, such as homicides, still rose in this period, according to Breitbart

Canada's rapid descent down the slippery slope from banning the sale of assault-style firearms in May 2020 to a proposed freeze should be seen as a blueprint of what Democrats want to achieve in the US. 

Trudeau's proposed action on handguns has sent the search trend "buy a handgun" in Canada to a record-high. 

Meanwhile, the same search trend is rising to COVID panic levels in the US. 

As Canada and the US clamp down on guns, could the next buying wave be already underway? 

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