Twitter Filing Dismisses Musk’s “Irrelevant Sideshow” Ahead Of Hearing-By-Zoom After Judge Catches COVID

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Twitter Filing Dismisses Musk's "Irrelevant Sideshow" Ahead Of Hearing-By-Zoom After Judge Catches COVID

Update (1730ET): In an interesting twist, NYPost reports that 'a source' claims that Musk plans to file a counter-lawsuit against Twitter in the coming days. The countersuit's purpose would be to push a Delaware Court of Chancery judge to grant Musk’s lawyers more time and power to gather information about bots on Twitter, sources close to the situation said.

The chancellor is “likely to grant” Twitter’s request for a quick trial, University Of Iowa law corporate and finance law professor Robert T. Miller said in a Monday Wells Fargo investor note obtained by The Post.

Musk then filing a countersuit would make sense because “if he doesn’t do that, he’s surrendering,” Miller added in an interview with The Post.

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In response to Elon Musk's lawyers' filing urging the judge to delay the "breakneck" speed of the trial to determine the outcome of the Twitter deal, Twitter's lawyers dismissed Musk’s complaints that he doesn’t have enough information about spam and robot accounts as an “irrelevant sideshow” and urged a judge to hold a trial as soon as possible

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Twitter's lawyers claimed Musk's motion opposing the company's request to expedite the trial, saying it "fails at every level."

Twitter reiterated that the court should set trial in September, on an expedited schedule.

Adding to the somewhat chaotic nature of this case so far, Judge Kathaleen St. J. McCormick said that tomorrow's hearing in Delaware on Twitter’s motion to fast track the case will be moved to Zoom instead of in-person because she has tested positive for COVID-19 and needs to be "isolating this week pursuant to CDC guidelines," according to a letter Monday. She added her symptoms were not severe.

The remote hearing is quite convenient since Musk is in Mykonos with Ari Emmanuel...

There was no reaction in TWTR stock to the filing...

The case is Twitter v. Musk, 22-0613, Delaware Chancery Court (Wilmington).

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