A façade of “democracy”

October 2, 2022   |   Tags: ,

The next time you drive past what looks like a brick building or house under construction, stop and look carefully. Is it really a brick house, in which the brick is an integral part of the structure, supporting the roof and floors and even windows? Or is the brick a façade, installed over a wood (or steel) frame structure in lieu of metal or vinyl siding?

They may look much the same, both from the outside and inside. But they are completely different structurally. And completely different as far as being fire-resistant, storm-worthy, and even for heating and cooling. Yet brick-façade buildings are considered more valuable than vinyl-sided buildings. Because they look more sturdy, more aesthetic, more long-lasting.

It is the same with democracy. As our friends over at Paradigm (formerly Agora) point out, our beloved leaders are really really big on democracy. As Tom Woods recently pointed out, “Oh, our elites can’t get themselves enough democracy!” We are lectured 24-7 on the importance, the value, the critical need for democracy.

But what have the so-called progressives (in reality regressives) pushed for the last century-plus here in the States, and now most of the world? Their much-worshipped and touted democracy is just a veneer over rule by the elites: the few who “know best.” Whether we call that government a technocracy, an oligarchy, a meritocracy, or a dozen other names, it is an enemy of liberty.

The “will of the people” is important to them. They constantly tell us that, so it must be true. But they are the experts, the enlightened ones, that tell the people what their will is! And anyone who disagrees with them, who opposes them? We are enemies of democracy. Even people who are elected by majorities in a “democratic election” are enemies of democracy to be condemned, neutralized, and destroyed by the experts.

Sadly, many people who do, or who think they do, love liberty – desire peace and prosperity, freedom with opportunity and responsibility – swallow this garbage and congratulate themselves on how yummy it is. They buy into the idea that the will of the people must be carried out – and NOT that the rights of people – individual people – should be upheld and maintained. Or in 2022, restored.

Lovers of liberty have recognized this for a long time. The tyranny of the majority is still, bottom-line, tyranny. But more than that, democracy is a skin – a false front – for rule by a self-selected superior group of experts: a dictatorial bureaucracy supported by (and often mingled with) democratically-elected officials who have cozened the population. The term “tyranny of the majority” apparently was coined by James Madison. (Ancient Greeks called it a “ochlocracy.”) Madison, like Jefferson and Monroe, had his faults and weaknesses. But he seems to have recognized the danger – dangers – of democracy. It took people like Andrew Jackson, decades later, to see and seize the opportunities, the advantages, of democracy to those who want to rule others.

Democracy, the tyranny of the majority (also called the tyranny of the masses or bluntly, the tyranny of the mob), is the “best” (easiest, most powerful) way to achieve unlimited government. Ultimately, all the protections for the minorities can be – and will be – overcome by the democratic masses. Led, of course, by the self-selected elite experts. (Which the communists call the vanguard of the proletariat.)

Remember, the ultimate minority is the individual. Ultimately, tyranny of the majority is an enemy of the individual and individualism. Voluntary cooperation between individuals with mutual benefits for each individual becomes coercion: involuntary cooperation – mandatory actions, and often (finally) mandatory thoughts.

The American Army and Air Force once taught that democracy was an evil – the end result of decay of a republic, a government with limited powers and clear mandate to preserve and protect the rights, the liberties, of individuals served by that government. That is long in the past today. Worse than just being a poor form of government, modern “democracy” (practiced as much in Russia or Cuba or China as in North America or Western Europe), democracy is a false-front for predatory monsters in human form who seek control and total domination of those around them.

Think on these things.