Michael Sandel: Elitist in Democrat’s Clothing

January 29, 2023   |   Tags:

In 1996 Harvard government professor Michael Sandel, now a chairholder whose online course on "Justice" has reportedly been viewed by tens of millions worldwide, published Democracy’s Discontent: America in Search of a Public Philosophy, to widespread acclaim. Sandel’s theme was the "anxiety and frustration" with which American politics was beset, despite our triumph in the Cold War, "unprecedented affluence," and "greater social justice for women and minorities." Sandel attributed that anxiety to Americans’ fear that they were "losing control" of their lives to outside forces, while simultaneously experiencing the "unraveling" of the "moral fabric of community" at the levels of family, neighborhood, and nation. The post Michael Sandel: Elitist in Democrat's Clothing appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.