Manhattan Parking Garage Collapses, Kills One

April 18, 2023   |   Tags:
Manhattan Parking Garage Collapses, Kills One

Late Tuesday afternoon, shortly after markets closed, a parking garage in Lower Manhattan collapsed, resulting in the death of one person and five others injured, reported FDNY. 

Footage posted on Twitter shows the twisted wreckage of steel and concrete resulting from the collapse of the second floor of the four-story parking garage at 57 Ann Street. Although the building remains standing, the entire structure is at risk of crumbling.

There is video footage from inside the building during the collapse.

According to the FDNY, six workers were in the building during the collapse, and all have been located. Of the six, one individual was killed, four were hospitalized and are in stable condition, and the other worker refused medical attention. 

 FDNY's robo-dog surveyed the incident area. 

The cause of the building collapse was not yet known. 

Tyler Durden Tue, 04/18/2023 - 19:45