National suicide? No way.

April 21, 2023   |   Tags: ,

In today’s social, economic, and political climate, many viewpoints vie for our attention and to convert us to their way of thinking.

An example of that competition can be seen by comparing two men: Dr. Ron Paul and Peter Zeihan. Although most readers are probably familiar with both of these, the end of this commentary briefly summarizes these men and their renown.

In a recent commentary “The End of American Exceptionalism,” written by Philip Giraldi and published on Dr. Paul’s website, we read that we are watching the United States commit national suicide. We assume this has Dr. Paul’s cachet.

Giraldi makes many good points. The conclusion is that the United States is pretty much done for. That it did it to itself with its imperialist behavior especially as regards Russia, Ukraine, the dollar, and the ever-growing worldwide presence of American troops and proconsuls. And reading between the lines (and writings by others associated with Dr. Paul), there seems little hope of enough change to prevent the outcome of American national death. The American dollar, economy, imperial system, and probably the remnants of the federal republic itself.

It is a pessimistic, even depressing, attitude. And it matches the warnings and calls for national divorce, the decline of both civilization and empire, and the other cries of doom.

On the other hand, Peter Zeihan is seemingly very optimistic. His demographic analysis seems to be that no matter how stupidly the FedGov and various States and bureaucrats and “elite” act, North America, including the United States, is in the cat’s seat and will emerge from the present crises better off than ever. Some credit this to his naivety, or his simplification and belief in demographics and geography. Perhaps he does have too much faith in the common sense of Americans. He believes that the States will resolve the crisis that Giraldi describes by doing exactly what Giraldi says will happen: withdrawal from the affairs of other nations around the world. Including Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. And that this will insulate and preserve we here in the States (and all of North America) from the otherwise worldwide economic collapse. Together, perhaps, with the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

In other words, no national suicide, but rather, a phoenix rising from the ashes. Not an end to American exceptionalism, but rather a rejection of “exceptionalism” which empowers and encourages the immoral and ultimately stupid American imperialism which has so damaged the world.

Now, although Giraldi does not appear to be a libertarian in any sense, Dr. Paul is a minarchist. Zeihan, on the other hand, seems to be careful not to clarify his political allegiance or philosophy. He may truly be in the center of the political diamond. He does not seek to condemn but only to describe. As lovers God and of liberty, we are naturally drawn to Dr. Paul’s view – though his pessimism is not an attitude followers of Christ should have. It is that optimism of Peter Zeihan that appeals to us as christians, however. And what we see as his reliance on facts and human nature.

The States are exceptional in many ways: the accomplishments of Americans in the States and around the world still shine brightly, though dimmed by the outrageous behavior of the FedGov (and many State governments and American-heritage corporations and groups) in the last 150+ years.

The solution to Giraldi’s warning and prophesy is simple: to revive and return to fundamentals of American liberty: responsibility, minding our own business, teaching and practicing freedom, promoting and allowing others to have as much liberty as we want, and voluntary, generally peaceful cooperation – true free markets and true freedom under God.

Can we do it? I think so.

Dr. Ron Paul is a former Texan Congressman, running for president both as a Libertarian and a Republican and head of the Ron Paul rEVOLution political movement. He is both an author and speaker, and commonly seen as a contrarian in many ways.

Peter Zeihan is an American demographic and economic analyst, speaker, and writer, known for his prediction of Britex, the 2016 and 2020 elections, and his expectations of China, Russia, and Europe.