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MSN recently published a teaser of an article in The Daily Beast, one of the more rabid of Woke on-line publications. (We couldn’t read the whole article because the electronic rag has an “account barrier” and the gist of the article is pretty clear.)

As we see more and more, the article is full of lies, exaggerations, twisted words and other tactics to push fear, in this case not just about GOP candidate Ramaswamy but the entire GOP. Now, we here at TPOL have little use, and less respect, for the GOP. But you don’t need to make things up to trash the party. You just need the truth.

But the Beast can’t be bothered with the truth. Consider “Two of the most significant policy ideas Ramaswamy’s constantly been pushing—rescinding birthright citizenship and elevating the voting age from 18 to 25—reveal a profound commitment to overhauling fundamental aspects of our Constitution. It’s not just about trimming budgets and reducing staff; it’s about reshaping the very core of our founding document.”

We call “garbage.” Neither “birthright citizenship” nor a voting age of 18 is (a) a “fundamental aspect” or (b) the “very core” of the United States Constitution. First, the 14th Amendment clearly states that United States citizenship, a concept which did not exist BEFORE the Amendment was proposed in 1866 and ratified in 1868, is not “birthright citizenship” as it is presently practiced and understood.

Indeed, the Beast quotes the applicable part in this article: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” (emphasis ours) It has been argued for decades that border jumpers (“illegal immigrants”), foreign nationals (such as diplomats, troops, tourists, EPW, etc.) are not subject to the jurisdiction of the FedGov. And somehow, the Union existed for 80+ years under the Constitution without having this so-called “core” idea. Also note that prior to that, Americans were citizens of their respective State as determined by the States themselves.

As for additional lies: the article repeatedly claimed that Lincoln pushed this and the sister 13th and 15th Amendments for various and sundry (and unknown at the time) reasons. The only reason for this part of the 14th was to give former slaves citizenship, after the 13th Amendment ended slavery, in 1865. Lincoln was definitely involved in the 13th Amendment (passed in Congress in January of 1865) but Honest Abe had been dead for more than a year before Congressman John Bingham of Ohio introduced the 14th Amendment.

Now, on to the second proposal, to raise the voting age from 18 to 25. This of course makes the usual Woke SJWs scream in pain, since they are pushing to lower the voting age to 16 or even younger. But as for the claim this is either a fundamental aspect or part of the core of the Constitution? We again call “garbage.” Prior to 1971 when the 26th Amendment was ratified by the States, it was the States themselves, and not the FedGov, which established the minimum voting age. Somehow, incredible though it is, these United States had survived for 183 years (1788 to 1971) without the undoubted wisdom and participation of people who had not yet turned 21. Simply amazing.

But are the ideas that Ramaswamy is proposing and pushing actually a bad idea. Both of these amendments have been pointed out (for decades) as being classic examples of public opinion and propaganda supporting increasing power of the FedGov over that of the States. After all, the States created the FedGov as their agent, their employee, and not their boss.

(The same thing is said of the 19th Amendment “giving” women the right to vote. Again, the history taught and the popular belief is completely wrong: there were many States in which women already had the vote long before 1920. And the right could have been won, State by State, much more easily than it was nationally. But without Senators and Congressmen (and women: there had already been women in Congress before the 19th Amendment!) being given the opportunity to beat their chests in victory.)

It is beyond the scope of this commentary to explain the pros and cons of both the 18-year-old voting right (or the old 21-year-old traditional voting right), tied to things like maturity levels, being productive members of society, and demonstrating personal responsibility. In the same way, the automatic “born on US soil makes you a citizen” tradition, the interpretation now enshrined in US law and regulations, has many pros and cons. But those who unreservedly support those things must understand the concepts are in no way essential to American constitutional government.

Unlike many other items in the Constitution which these Woke – and most politicians, regardless of affiliation – ignore. Things like limited powers, and retained power of States and the people ourselves.

Which is, of course, why the SJW and regressives in general pretend to respect the Constitution so much: they seek to conceal the contempt towards it which they demonstrate daily. And, of course, come up with bogus reasons to trash their political opponents.

Insurrection, anyone?


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