Student Kicked Out Of Classroom For Wearing Gadsden Flag Patch Because It’s “Racist”

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Student Kicked Out Of Classroom For Wearing Gadsden Flag Patch Because It's "Racist"

Meet Jaiden, a 12-year-old student at The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs; a charter school which is 90% publicly funded but privately administrated.  He wears a Gadsden Flag patch on his backpack to show his support for the ideals of constitutional liberty.  However, the Director of Operations at Vangaurd sees that flag very differently.

Using SPLC related talking points and disinformation, the school director cited comparisons to "slavery" and "racism" while noting a connection to "patriot groups" as the reasons why the symbol is "disruptive to class."  Jaiden was removed from his classes unless he leaves his backpack with the Gadsden patch behind.  

It's not surprising that the Gadsden Flag, long a symbol of rebellion against tyranny, has become a specific target of the political left and the neocon establishment.  The "don't tread on me" ideal is a foundation of the American Revolution and the founding of the Bill Of Rights, and these are things that the increasingly leftist education system finds distasteful.

The demonization of the flag has ramped up in recent years with the events of January 6th and the spread of far-left indoctrination programs such as Critical Race Theory and gender identity propaganda within publicly funded schools.  There are hundreds if not thousands of examples online of BLM, Antifa and LGBT flags hanging in American classrooms, all of them representing a Marxist-rooted agenda of deconstruction, anti-science and anti-merit.  But a kid with a Gadsden patch is considered "disruptive" to the educational environment? 

Tuesday afternoon, Connor Boyack tweeted an update; Jaiden has decided to return to school with his patch still in place, and will do a sit-in protest if necessary. Meanwhile, two law firms have come forward to assist as necessary. His mother will likely appear on Hannity.

Just another reason for parents to remove their children from these schools as quickly as possible. 

Tyler Durden Tue, 08/29/2023 - 17:05