R.I.P. Liberty Safes 2023

September 8, 2023   |   Tags:

No, not really. We here at TPOL actually rather hope that this turncoat company rots in bankruptcy Gehenna (court) of years, and that the company’s managers and policymakers are figuratively branded with a bright red T (for Traitor) on their foreheads.

Certainly the company has dishonored the name they bear.

As one of our staff here noted, obviously Liberty Safes made a decision to go out of business. It isn’t just the Bud Light treatment they can expect. After all, there are liberals and transsexuals who drank (and presumably still drink) Bud Light. But what gun owner can dare trust their possessions to a Liberty Safe after what happened in Arkansas?

Look, we are all aware, here at TPOL, that government is always going to shaft people. From BATFE to CDC and from a Congressional committee to the local planning and zoning commission.

And we realize that big business also are run by greedy gluttons that will do anything for another buck and are bed with government. Even when they themselves are getting shafted. It is mutual abuse and exploitation.

But it does not make it normal, moral, or ethical. It does not make it right for a trusted company to betray its customers to the FedGov – to the Feebes themselves.

There is nothing on the company website that explicitly states that your guns and ammo are secure from government goons. But it does promise good security against thieves, which is exactly what the Feebes are. And have been proven to be such for decades. With or without a warrant.

But Liberty Safe went beyond the betrayal of a single customer, according to various reports. It is claimed that the code provided to the FedGov goons assaulting the guy’s house in Arkansas was a universal backdoor master code allowing access into all current Liberty safes. The company has been around 30 years – no clear indication if that is literally every safe built and sold.

Oh yes, we understand that the company, based in Payson just outside Provo, Utah, has “promised” that it will disable all the back door master codes. We live in a world of extremes, but it takes very extreme gullibility and naivety to believe that. How many more FBI raids will it take to get even the so-called leftists to believe the company’s claim? And how many of that type of Woke SWJ regressive is a customer for what used to be seen as premium gun safes?

(For that matter, how many of the Woke political and business elite powers-that-be that have the gun safes for their private bodyguards and security goons will buy a compromised container so that a politicized FBI or BATFE or DEA or …. has access to?)

There are, of course, alternatives and even ways to retrofit such things. Consider sentry guns. (I grew up calling them “poacher guns” not because poachers used them but because they let you pot poachers.) Although today they are seen as laser and sensor/computer controlled systems, in their simple, 19th Century form they were a shotgun mounted on a pivot with one or more wires stretched and put on pulleys that that hitting the wire would cause the gun to swing around into the direction of the point on the wire and pull the trigger. A form of boobytrap, you see.

Or perhaps mini-claymores tied to the electronic system that are triggered by using the master code now given by Liberty to the government goons. There are many more ways to improve security for that $1K to $10K white elephant you now own with the one-proud “Liberty safes” painted on it.


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