Libertarian party files for guardianship over Uncle Joe

September 13, 2023   |   Tags:

A TPOL reader/correspondent called us early this morning about this. Thanks, Steve!

According to that sterling source of news, “Newsweek” the National Libertarian Party “has filed for conservatorships for President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, referring to them as ‘geriatric elites’ mentally unfit to properly serve the American populace.”

These men need our help and sympathy.

Frankly, we think that it should include a discussion of how their families and staffers are “abusing an elder” and the conservatorship is critical for both Uncle Joe and dear Cousin Mitch to live well. After all the District of Columbia Attorney General is very hot about protecting elders. It is literally and figuratively a crime in the District.

Second, we think that similar lawsuits should be filed to help several other politicians in DC: for example, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. We need to stop encouraging and facilitating their abuse by family, political “friends,” and fed-gov staffers.

Encourage this situation to also be addressed in your State and local government.

Note: We realize that the chances of a DC court actually granting this petition are zero and less than zero. But it points out some serious concerns and offers some help over waiting for one or more of these people to have a major, public breakdown with the power they have. And it points out, indirectly, how we Americans have surrendered our destinies and future to men and women who cannot be trusted with the power that they have. Or even a fraction of it.


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