Seattle Restaurant Has Been Broken Into 5 Times In Past 6 Months

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Seattle Restaurant Has Been Broken Into 5 Times In Past 6 Months

Even before Biden took over the White House thanks to millions of mailed-in harvested ballots dropping in at 3am in the morning, Seattle had emerged as one socialist America's liberal meccas. Here are the consequences.

According to Seattle's King5 news, Sandia, a Mexican restaurant in the city's Laurelhurst neighborhood, has been broken into no less than 5 times in the past 6 months, costing the business $10,000.

"As of today, now we have been broken into five times," said Nathan Yeager, the owner.

In the surveillance video provided to KING 5, you can see criminals break the front door with a crowbar, climb over the counter, steal money from the till, and then sneak around while looking in every door for something to take.

"People are just breaking in our windows blatantly, stealing nothing. I mean, they're really getting away with nothing," Yeager said.

Recently, someone broke in and took their elevator key box, which costs around $2,000 to repair and install.

Yeager said they are now out $10,000 for the repeat break-ins.

On Thursday night, someone smashed through the window facing the Burke Gilman Trail and took alcohol. They left behind broken glass everywhere.

"That was that $900 to replace the window for one bottle of alcohol," Yeager said. Yeager feels at a loss for what to do about the crime. He feels "heartbroken, sad and defeated."

Owning seven businesses in Seattle, Yeager had strong feelings about the brazen crime.

"I don't think I'll open another business in Seattle. I think that Seattle has failed small businesses," he said.

The City of Seattle does have a "storefront repair fund," and according to their latest update, funds are still available. They have updated the eligibility requirements for the $2,000 grants to include more small businesses and now nonprofit organizations.

Yeager has seen an incredible show of support from his customers after posting about the crime on the business' Instagram. He hopes sharing his experience will lead to change.

"We just can't keep writing these checks every day, you know, but we have to, you know, like, I have to fix this window. I have to fix this door," Yeager said. "We've got to solve this problem somehow and figure this out."

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