Run-CMC: David Tepper’s Worst Trade?

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Run-CMC: David Tepper's Worst Trade?

Via Global Macro Monitor,

The 49ers’ running back, Christian McCaffrey, aka CMC, was instrumental in leading his team to Super Bowl LVIII, which will be played on February 11th in Las Vegas.   

CMC came to the Niners in a trade for draft picks in October 2022 from the Carolina Panthers, owned by hedge fund great David Tepper.   

We are big fans of Tepper and have posted several pieces about him on GMM, including what he calls his worst trade ever — buying Russian local currency T-Bills (or GKOs) in the late ’90’s.   

Maybe he’s rethinking that... letting CMC go may be his worst.   

McCaffrey, often referred to as the NFL’s best non-QB player and star is the real deal, folks. 

Stanford boy, runner up for the Heisman, and now going to the Super Bowl; and then to…wait for it… Disneyland. 

Whatever the case, Super Bowl ticket prices are stratospheric.  No inflation here. 

Can’t wait for the prop bet on how many times Taylor Swift will be shown on camera.   

Eerily, the last time the Chiefs and 49ers met in the Super Bowl was February 2020,  just a few weeks before COVID broke out in the United States.  Yikes!

Go Niners!

Tyler Durden Fri, 02/09/2024 - 13:45


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