Chaos At Georgia Six Flags As Violent Mob Invades – Ends In Shootout With Police

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Chaos At Georgia Six Flags As Violent Mob Invades - Ends In Shootout With Police

After opening for only one day, a Six Flags amusement park near Atlanta, Georgia was overrun by a mob of up to 600 rioters who proceeded to fight each other and destroy property.  The incident led to a shootout involving the Cobb County Police Department and resulted in the hospitalization of an alleged assailant. 

"As officers followed the crowd out, ensuring they left the property, an unknown number of suspects fired at officers. An officer returned fire, striking one of the suspects," Cobb County Police Department said. 

The establishment media has decided to focus primarily on the shooting of the unnamed 15-year-old involved in the police altercation, and many outlets have ignored the events leading up to the incident.  The suspect, whose name was not released by police, was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital after receiving medical treatment at the scene. His condition is unknown at this time.  The likelihood of the teen being a minority is high, and the media's focus may be in preparation for an attempt to provoke a BLM-like response in the near future.

While Democrat politicians continue to claim that crime in the US is going down, violent mob actions similar to what happened at the Georgia Six Flags have been rising steadily in the past few years.  Why don't crime stats reflect this?  Because progressive city governments rarely prosecute the people involved.  Low prosecution numbers lead to low convictions and low reported crime rates.  

Another factor to consider is a change in FBI crime reporting policies during the pandemic, which allows many cities across the US to avoid providing complete crime numbers until 2025.

Atlanta and surrounding areas have recently adopted "equity" policies in criminal prosecution, which generally means lesser charges and lighter sentences for minorities.  The region is also known for shady political influences when it comes to criminal prosecution, as we have seen in the case of District Attorney Fani Willis.

In other words, the majority of these riots are dominated by a certain demographic, and this is largely due to the assumption that assailants will not be aggressively charged because of their skin color.  When a specific group of people are assured of privileged treatment in criminal cases, they are incentivized to commit more crimes.  It's not rocket science, it's common sense.  

The refusal to pursue severe punishment for violent offenses and repeat criminals in the name of "racial equity" is swiftly destabilizing American cities.  The widespread exodus of citizens from metropolitan areas in the past few years is a testament to growing public concerns over safety.  Blue cities are becoming socialist cesspools devoid of rational leadership, and this is the real reason why we can't have nice things.   

Tyler Durden Mon, 03/04/2024 - 08:05