Expel Congressman Mike Gallagher NOW to Protect Donald Trump

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(Independent Sentinel)—Emerald Robinson believes, “The early retirements of Ken Buck and Mike Gallagher are part of a scheme by the Uniparty cabal to stop Trump from winning the 2024 election. How? They want to flip the House blue in time to nullify the electoral vote via the 14th Amendment.”

Others say it’s to allow the deep state to take over. It could be both.

Reporter Simon Ateba agrees with Emerald Robinson. He explains on X how this could keep Donald Trump from the presidency:

“You might have heard that the Republicans are close to losing their lead in the House. This worry gets bigger with news that Congressman Mike Gallagher is stepping down on April 19. After he leaves, Republicans will barely have more members than Democrats. Let’s explain why this is important with some numbers.

  1. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives.
  2. A party needs at least 218 members to control the House.
  3. If there’s a tie, with each party having 217 members, and one person is independent (not in a big party), that independent person has a lot of power. So, what’s the situation in the House now?
  4. Republicans currently have 219 seats.
  5. Democrats have 213 seats.
  6. When Ken Buck, a Republican, leaves his job on Friday, Republicans will have 218 members. After Gallagher leaves, they will have 217.
  7. There’s going to be an election to fill a Democrat’s empty seat on April 30. This will likely add another Democrat to the House.
  8. By the end of April, Republicans will have 217 members, and Democrats will have 214.
  9. It seems like Republicans have a slight edge with three more members than Democrats. But, 217 plus 214 is 431, not the total 435.
  10. This means about 217 votes are needed to get things done, showing how important it is for all Republicans to stick together.
  11. Traditionally, a few Republicans don’t support their own party’s plans, which is a problem.
  12. The bad news for Republicans is that Gallagher is leaving when it’s too late to have a quick vote to replace him. This means his seat will be empty, a loss for Republicans. According to Wisconsin law, if he resigns before the second Tuesday in April, a special election would be held to replace him and bring in another Republican from the Red District. If he resigns as planned, his seat will remain vacant until after the November elections.
  13. The good news is that there will be three special elections in May and June to fill some empty Republican seats, which might help them a bit.
  14. But this help is only until June. If Republicans don’t stay united and even one or two members break away, Democrats could take over the House and pass a resolution barring Trump from the 2024 presidential election, determining that he is an insurrectionist. The resolution will pass in the Senate, where Democrats have a slim majority of 51-49.

Whatever it is, it’s not good. They are leaving the House with a majority of one.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to expel Rep. Gallagher so he can be replaced immediately. He’s resigning before his term ends and when he can’t be replaced until the election – April 19, leaving the majority in danger. She said every Republican leaving now is putting the majority in danger.

They should expel Gallagher so his constituency can vote for someone to take the seat quickly. She said his departure date is deliberate.

A lot of people agree with MTG.

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