Nothing To See Here, Just A Man Waving A Severed Human Leg Around And Eating It

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Nothing To See Here, Just A Man Waving A Severed Human Leg Around And Eating It

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Video footage shot in Wasco, California appears to show a crazed maniac waving around a severed human leg and taking bites out of it before police apprehended him Friday.

Reports have suggested that the man ‘stole’ the leg from the scene of a train accident, where a person was earlier hit and killed.

The footage shows the man, identified as 27-year-old Resendo Tellez, holding and examining the limb, with witnesses saying he was eating parts of it, before attempting to walk away waving it around as multiple police cars close in on him.


Here is a censored version, in case the uncensored graphic version above is removed:

Tellez was arrested on multiple outstanding warrants, and for taking ‘evidence’ from the accident scene.

He was also charged with misdemeanor removal of human body parts from an area that is not a cemetery without law enforcement approval.

Some reports claim he was also charged with mutilating the body, supporting the claim that he had devoured some of it.

This is the kind of thing happening most days now in Democrat run shithole American cities.

Perhaps NBC News will report the leg as being “abandoned”?

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