Serfing the Internet

March 24, 2024   |   Tags:

For as long as there has been “capitalism,” there have been observers predicting its demise—most famously Karl Marx himself, who helped popularize the term. Nearly a century later, James Burnham foresaw a “managerial revolution,” in which control over production would be taken over by a new class of administrators and technocrats, while Joseph Schumpeter prophesied that capitalism would be undone by its very success as intellectuals and industrialists turn against it. While Marxist writer Fredric Jameson observed that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism, plenty of thinkers would counter that witnessing the end of capitalism requires not imagination but simple observation of, as Burnham put it, “what is happening in the world.” The post Serfing the Internet appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.