“We Need Somebody Disruptive”: Alex Jones, Former Bush Official Clash In Trump ZeroHedge Debate

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"We Need Somebody Disruptive": Alex Jones, Former Bush Official Clash In Trump ZeroHedge Debate

Last night kicked off the fifth ZeroHedge debate on the question: "Should Donald Trump be the next U.S. President?"

The debate featured Infowars host Alex Jones and former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos vs. independent journalist Michael Tracy and former George W. Bush White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter.

Tracey came in hot, accusing Trump of being two-faced for bashing special interests during the primary, while courting the donor class during the general election:

"[Trump] was calling out to Miriam Adelson — who’s the widow of Sheldon Adelson — and having private soirees with her, and she’s excepted to give millions of dollars to Trump’s next campaign. He even said it outright. He said because of Miriam’s late husband, [Trump] was compelled to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv in Israel to Jerusalem."

In an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend spirit, Alex Jones argued that entrenched bureaucratic powers within the U.S. pose an existential threat. Thus, given that Donald Trump is the primary force standing in their way, he deserves mass support.

"We need somebody disruptive," said Jones.

"Trump is the first President who has refused to follow the Constitution."

Former chief ethics lawyer of the George W. Bush White House, Richard Painter, accused Trump of being the first President to disregard the Constitution regarding the transfer of power after the 2020 US election.

The comment did not go over well…

Papadopoulos, meanwhile, offered an international perspective in favor of Trump - who he says keept US adversaries at bay. The former Trump adviser attributes this to siloing Russian exports and increasing NATO funding — while unleashing "the shale renaissance in the United States."

Tracey hit back - arguing that such moves were in fact escalatory:

"Go read Putin’s speech before he launched the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, he cites multiple grievances with the U.S. administration, and half of them are to do with Trump… He hyper escalated tensions with Russia under the auspices of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and all the other hard-liners."

Watch the full debate here and decide who won:

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