Brickbat: Unsafe at Home

March 27, 2024   |   Tags:
A police cruiser is parked on a residential street outside a house. | Dogorasun |

Mayor Earl Johnson of Andalusia, Alabama, has apologized to Twyla Stallworth after an officer entered her home and arrested her for not showing her identification. Under Alabama law, police officers can only demand ID from someone who is in a public place and has committed a crime or whom they suspect is going to commit a crime. Stallworth had called to file a noise complaint against a neighbor. No police officer ever came, so she set off her car alarm to annoy the neighbor, who then called to report her; at that point, an officer was dispatched to the scene. Stallworth was not charged for setting off the car alarm, but she was charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, and attempting to elude. Johnson said all charges will be dropped.

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