California’s Sac-Town Becomes ‘Transgender Sanctuary’

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California's Sac-Town Becomes 'Transgender Sanctuary'

The city of Sacramento, California has passed a resolution declaring itself a "sanctuary city" for transgender individuals, who apparently don't have sufficient 'sanctuary' in women's lockers, bathrooms, or sports.

The resolution prohibits city employees fromm using "staff time" and "resources" to prevent individuals from getting transgender medical procedures, or cooperating "with jurisdictions seeking to enforce laws criminalizing gender-affirming care in other jurisdictions."

The resolution was passed by unanimous vote after dozens of city residents voiced support for, and against, the measure, CBS News reports.

According to the resolution:

California has been a leader in protecting the rights of transgender individuals to access care, but many states across the nation are moving in the opposite direction.

In preparation of future legislation that may criminalize those providing or seeking gender-affirming care and given the Council’s stated values of equity and inclusion, it is important for the City of Sacramento to be proactive in reiterating our commitment to transgender rights and equal protections for transgender people by declaring ourselves a sanctuary city and a place of safety for transgender people.

During the debate stage of the meeting to consider the resolution, Vice Mayor Caity Maple said that she had grown up with someone who left home "at a young age" because their parents were not "affirming," and therefore the measure was "very personal," the Daily Caller reports.

Councilmember Mai Vang thanked supporters for coming out, saying that transgender and nonbinary youth should be "treated with respect and dignity," and that "ensuring they are able to be their authentic self is so important."

Legislation banning sex-change medical procedures on minors has been passed in 23 states, including Utah and Idaho - which are closest to California. On Tuesday, the ACLU sued the state of Ohio on behalf of two 12-year-old children over its ban.

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