Remy: It’s Raining Men (Boeing Parody)

March 29, 2024   |   Tags:
Remy, dressed as a Boeing worker and executive, react to a crashing Boeing plane. | Reason TV

Some planes come with their own baggage.

Parody of The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men" written and performed by Remy. Mastering and background vocals by Ben Karlstrom.

Welcome to Boeing, where we make earnings per share
And also, I guess, planes
Sir, I still have a concern about the safety of our process for the new—
Have you seen our new incentive pay?

Our new plane is fuel efficient
It's the Prius of the skies
And once we hit our ESG targets
We've got enough to worry about, guys

Diluting our key priorities
Is problematic for safety
Don't you think there might one day be consequences to this?
None that I can foresee

Um…It's raining men
That's a dude, yeah
It's raining men
A man!

Our passengers unlike our fuselage will be screwed under this plan!

Things could not be any going worse
Um, have you seen our diversity score?
Our executive team and door fastenings
Both have fewer nuts than before

If we reach our CO2 standards
I can buy that Panerai
The only carbon plummeting
Is the body of that guy

Oh, don't tell me it's happening again—

It's raining men
Another dude, yeah…
It's raining men
A man!

Like Jim Morrison's overdose this is really bad for the doors, man.

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