Anthony Blinken’s Jet Suffers “Mechanical Issue” At Paris Airport

April 3, 2024   |   Tags:
Anthony Blinken's Jet Suffers "Mechanical Issue" At Paris Airport

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's aircraft experienced a "mechanical issue" at an airport in Paris on Wednesday, forcing the US delegation to drive to Brussels for a NATO meeting (probably the 'greenest' mode of transportation for the DS climate warriors). This is the second time Blinken's plane has been grounded in months due to critical malfunctions. 

The State Department spokesperson did not mention the type of aircraft. However, if we had to guess, the plane is not an Airbus. 

In mid-January, Blinken's modified Boeing Co. 737 suffered an 'oxygen leak,' making the aircraft unsafe to fly and forcing the top US diplomat to board another jet to ferry him, his aids, and the press pool from Davos to Washington. 

If Blinken's jet is, in fact, a Boeing, this is seriously not the year for the troubled planemaker. It has been struck with a DEI curse amid production line snafus, leading to near-catastrophic mid-air disasters. 

Let's also hope Blinken and his team are not flying United Airlines back Stateside, as the carrier has had a series of mishaps on its Boeing jets.

Tyler Durden Wed, 04/03/2024 - 08:50


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