British Olympic Team ‘Transitions’ UK Flag To Pink And Purple

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British Olympic Team 'Transitions' UK Flag To Pink And Purple

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There appears to be an obsession with turning the UK’s national flags pink and purple.

Following the England football team having the St George’s Cross turned purple on their kit, the British Olympic team has now unveiled a pink and purple Union Jack flag, prompting many to ask what the hell is going on here.

The Telegraph reports that “Team GB have been slammed for ‘defacing’ the Union flag,” ahead of the Olympics in Paris.

Here is the ‘new’ Union Jack:

Malcolm Farrow, president of the National Flag Institute, told the newspaper “I don’t approve of our national symbol of unity being defaced.”

“People have every right to be upset with Team GB. They need to remember brave men fought for this flag and died while protecting it,” Farrow further urged.

He added that “Changing it is bordering on an insult to them. To do something like this in places like India, Greece or Turkey would have serious consequences.”

The company that designed the flag for the British Olympic Association claimed that it made it pink and purple because while “red, white and blue is synonymous with Great Britain,… it’s far from unique, with nations such as France and USA also sporting the same colours.”

What? So you took it upon yourselves to change the national flag?

“We needed to find a way of refreshing Team GB’s colour palette in a way that is both flexible and ownable,” branding company ‘Thisaway’ added, spouting more nonsense.

Many have pointed out that this direct upending of tradition is deliberate and that the colours pink and purple are being used to push a specific agenda.

Last week when the England football team played in the kit with the purple flag, supporters made their feelings clear by becoming a red and white St George’s Cross.

There’s more at play here. As we have highlighted, British and English people are being made to constantly feel they should be ashamed of their own flags, as if they are some sort of hate symbols.

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