Economy bringing changes for the good?

April 19, 2024   |   Tags: , ,

Funny but real image from a certain Western State;\:

As the economy worsens under the current system and regime, we find inventive entrepreneurs expanding the offerings of their businesses. Having a Subway inside a NAPA Auto Parts store is a great idea for those of us trying to keep auto ownership costs low and extend the life of crazy-high auto prices while enjoying the modern luxury of eating out – even at a place like Subway. (Courtesy of Uncle Sugar, mostly.) But to be able to pick up a box or two of 9mm or .223-cal at the same time? Wonderful!!! And even better to see if we really want to add a 5.7mm to our arsenal. And right next to the freeway interchange! Ah the glories and pleasures of modern American society – and what is left of a once-free economy.

Don’t think you will find a convenient situation like this in Canada or Europe or the UK… And sadly, possibly not in States like New York, New Jersey or Ohio. If the powers-that-be in the above State get their way, it won’t be around very long there, either.

Still, as lovers of liberty, it is nice to picture a convenience store or grocery store where single rounds of 9mm Luger or .22-cal or .223-cal ammo are in a plastic bucket at the cashier’s stand. Or (at least in the case of 9mm or .22-cal) in a version of a bubble-gum machine.