Watch: Paul, Hawley Torch Mayorkas To His Face On Laken Riley’s Killer

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Watch: Paul, Hawley Torch Mayorkas To His Face On Laken Riley's Killer

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During a hearing Thursday, Senators Rand Paul and Josh Hawley grilled Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas concerning the open border and the murder of Laken Riley.

Mayorkas appeared very uncomfortable as Paul took him to task over the full scale invasion he has overseen at the border.

“You refuse to look at the facts and it’s still, I guess, insulting to all of us and insulting to the memory of Lake and Riley and to the memory of others who have been killed by people who came into this country,” Senator Paul urged.

Paul reeled off a short list of examples of crimes committed by illegal immigrants recently, that represents a tiny fraction of the true scale of the problem.

He stated, “On March 2nd, an illegal alien who got into the country as a gotaway killed Washington State Trooper Christopher Gadd. A Haitian man who entered the US via the CHNV parole program was arrested for sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. On March 21st. Illegal aliens in El Paso rushed the fence. You saw that on national television. An illegal alien on March 23rd murdered 25-year-old Michigan resident, Ruby Garcia.”

Paul continued, “A Chinese National, came across the border an illegally breached a military base in California. I mean, the stories go on and on and I think a lot of people in America are going to be appalled that you refuse to answer the questions.”

The Senator then turned to Jose Ibarra, charged with the murder of 22-year-old Augusta University nursing student  Laken Riley. It has emerged that Ibarra was released into the US at the border via parole due to lack of detention space.

Paul asked Mayorkas “was it lawful to parole him? Was it lawful to let him in the country because you say the camp’s full?”

Mayorkas responded, “Ranking member Paul, as a former federal prosecutor for 12 years. I can say with tremendous conviction that individuals who commit criminal acts need to be held accountable for their crimes.”

“Well, that’s not much consolation if you wait until after he is murdered somebody,” Paul fired back.

“See, part of the problem is, and I think people would be aghast to know this, that when you come in, you just give people your name. It’s the honor system,” Paul continued, adding “There may be some databases you check, but certainly most of the domestic crimes in Venezuela probably are not in any kind of international database.”

“So if you waltz into the country through your generous parole programs and say, ‘I’m John Smith from Venezuela,’ you have no way of ascertaining that and you still let ’em go. So you say, ‘well, we’re going to make sure that they’re not a violent criminal.’ You have no way. You look in some databases, maybe they’re not in the database, but you have no way of even knowing that that’s their name,” the Senator further urged.

Paul continued, “Then you give biometric, you give them fingerprints. Now they have a new name and fingerprints. They essentially have been given a new identity by your agency.”

“I am just so sickened and sad by the families who have lost loved ones from this. I don’t see real remorse. I don’t see you’re willing to answer the questions,” he further charged.

“I mean, if it were me, I would be so upset by this. I would be doing everything possible to make sure that another Jose Ibarro doesn’t get in, but apparently you let his brother in too, and his brother’s got a rap sheet 10 times longer than Jose does,” Paul further asserted.

Mayorkas is the first cabinet official in American history to be impeached over high crimes and misdemeanors, including ‘aiding and abetting’ a foreign invasion and committing perjury before Congress, but he has so far managed twice to dodge an impeachment trial.

“All I can express is disappointment and bewilderment that the Democrats let you get away with it,” an exasperated Paul declared.

In a further grilling, Senator Josh Hawley ripped into Mayorkas regarding the release of Ibarra into the country, reading the parole report detailing his criminal history and exposing the amount of times the illegal committed offences and was let go before Laken Riley’s murder.

Mayorkas then had the gall to claim Hawley had “misstated some facts.”

“I have read from the parole file, which you have said you don’t recall,” Hawley shot back, adding “I have just read it into the record. And the reason is you have lied repeatedly to Congress and to the American people about this. They deserve to know. And the only way they’re going to know is if I tell them.”

“I’ve just told them it’s in the record. Now I’ve read it verbatim from the parole file, verbatim. I just want to know, why did you change your story so often? Why didn’t you just answer honestly to Congressman Bishop and Senator Brett?” Hawley further enquired.

Mayorkas glibly responded “Senator, I am I am confident that justice will be vindicated in the criminal prosecution of the case.”

“Well, hopefully he’ll get more of a trial than you got. Otherwise there’ll be no justice for anyone at all,” Hawley blasted back at Mayorkas.

Here is the full exchange:

Can anyone justify why Democrats keep saving this guy’s ass?

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