UK Government-Funded Trans-Lobbyist Group Calls Puberty Blockers “Wonderful”

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UK Government-Funded Trans-Lobbyist Group Calls Puberty Blockers "Wonderful"

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A government funded LGBT activist group that is active in more than half of Scotland’s schools has called puberty blocking drugs, which effectively sterilise children, “wonderful.”

LGBT Youth Scotland, which is registered as a charity, has also declared that children should have the “autonomy” to decide whether to take puberty blockers without the views of their parents interfering.

The group, which receives almost £1 million per year in taxpayer funding, issued a statement in opposition to a decision to suspend the prescription of the drugs to children by the country’s gender reassignment centre, Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow.

The Telegraph reports that LGBT Youth Scotland’s Trans Rights Youth Commission declared “We would like to be clear about the wonderful impacts that accessing gender affirming care can have,” adding “Gender affirming care is about our right to do what we want with our own body. It is freedom. We deeply urge Sandyford to reconsider this decision.”

The comments come in the wake of a major long term study in the UK that concluded that treatment gender-confused children have been offered was built entirely on “shaky foundations” and that there is “no good evidence to support the global clinical practice of prescribing hormones to under-18s to pause puberty or transition to the opposite sex.”

The review also noted possible risks such as infertility and damage to brain function and growth.

The author of the review, retired consultant paediatrician Dr Cass, formerly the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics, called the evidence for life altering drugs “remarkably weak” and warned that transgender activists are the ones “deliberately spread(ing) misinformation.”

Since the review was published, Cass has been subject to abuse and cannot use public transport over fears for her safety.

As we highlighted last week, LGBT Youth Scotland is also encouraging teachers in Scottish schools not to communicate with parents if their children express a desire to ‘transition’ to a different gender.

It was also revealed earlier last week that schools signed up to the LGBT Youth Scotland charter scheme are appointing children as “LGBT champions” and being encouraged to question pupils about their sexual orientation and gender.

Earlier this week, Scotland’s education secretary Jenny Gilruth, defended the group as helping to create “inclusive” environments, and said that it is up to schools whether they sign up for the charter scheme.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Meghan Gallacher hit back noting that parents have been “outraged” by “cult like” materials distributed by LGBT Youth Scotland, and pointing to an account of one parent who claimed her daughter had been “radicalised” by trans ideology after her school became involved with the group.

The account notes that the child’s decision to begin identifying as male was kept from the parents by the school, but that the girl soon reverted after being sent to a private school in England.

Gallacher urged that “LGBT Youth Scotland’s ideological and dogmatic response to the Cass review sums up why many are extremely concerned about their continued influence on kids in our schools.”

On top of all this, LGBT Youth Scotland was recently embroiled in a scandal with one of its employees under investigation for alleged grooming and child sex abuse:

We have previously highlighted how radical lobbyist trans activist groups such as Stonewall are injecting LGBTQ+ propaganda into teaching, and even recruiting ‘activist’ teachers to ignore government guidance that has essentially said schools do not have to adopt ‘gender identity ideology’ or recognise ‘social transitions’ among pupils.

These groups masquerading as charities are siphoning taxpayer money to fund their extreme operations, which are directly targeting children.

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