Royal Revision

April 28, 2024   |   Tags:

Edward VIII—the only English monarch, to date, to have voluntarily abdicated, taking on the title of duke of Windsor thereafter—has not had the best reputation when it comes to his historical standing. He is widely regarded as a dilettante playboy, a Nazi sympathizer, and grotesquely irresponsible and selfish in both his life and reign. Having now written three books that revolve largely around his actions between the years 1936 and 1953, I believed that I knew virtually all there was to know about this most capricious and pathetic of monarchs. It is a narrative that has been echoed and supported by other biographers, even his official chronicler, the late Philip Ziegler; the case, such as it is, for the rehabilitation of the duke of Windsor did not seem a compelling one. The post Royal Revision appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.


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