Who do they represent?

April 29, 2024   |   Tags: , ,

The nearly $100 billion authorized by Congress and celebrated in this picture of Congress for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan demonstrates to whom these men (and women) give their first loyalty. We can also note: this money is NOT there – it will have to be borrowed. And according to reports from objective and honest observers, the money for Ukraine is being thrown down a rathole. It will not buy victory, but only make defeat more costly and delay it a little bit longer.

So look carefully at the image below.

No, this was not a bunch of greying anti-communist college professors staging a protest in the House chambers. These are the people supposedly elected to supposedly represent the men and women – the American citizens – of their districts. You can be sure they were not chanting “USA, USA” as they waved these blue and yellow flags.

The list of those who took stolen tax money (and money borrowed from future generations) from Americans and gave it to a corrupt foreign government, and to two allies who have enormous assets of their own, is long. And ugly.

(View this video HERE – done by another congressman.)

Even minarchists and constitutionalists should be outraged about this, no? Lovers of liberty who are small-mouthed anarchists and pacifists, who believe in free markets and oppose theft by government? Our outrage is beyond speech.

The idea of a “representative democracy” is as much a joke – a bitter, killing joke – as the idea of “compassionate conservativism” or finding a moral, honest, and responsible politician.

These men and women – even the ones who are NOT waving Ukrainian flags, do NOT represent the people of the district which they perportedly serve – not even that much smaller number of people in their district who voted for them. Sometimes, we cannot tell exactly who or what they DO represent, but it is clear that we can see from their actions and their words whom they DO NOT represent.


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