Russia Installs ‘Cope Cages’ On Oil Refineries As Ukraine Ramps Up Kamikaze Drone Attacks

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Russia Installs 'Cope Cages' On Oil Refineries As Ukraine Ramps Up Kamikaze Drone Attacks

A sudden surge in Ukrainian drone strikes targeting Russia's vast energy industry materialized early last week (read here) and continued into the weekend (read here). To combat drone strikes on refineries and crude and or crude product storage tanks, "cope cages" have been installed to fortify at least one refinery against potential aerial threats. 

The proliferation of drones on the modern battlefield in Eastern Europe, more specifically in Ukraine, has been absolutely stunning to spectate over the last two years. From suicide drones taking out infantry troops on the first and second lines to Ukraine launching drone swarm attacks on Russia's energy complex, warfare is forever changing. 

With that being said, military forces and even countries must adapt to this changing environment where drones and AI dominate the battlefield. And that's why Russia is now installing anti-drone cages, known as "cope cages," to protect these critical facilities that help fund Moscow's "special military operation" in Ukraine. 

According to EurAsian Times

The latest development involves the installation of what is commonly referred to as a “cope cage” on a Russian oil facility, likely to fortify it against potential aerial threats. 

An image circulating on the internet on April 27 depicted Russian oil depots equipped with these anti-drone cages. 

Although specific details regarding the location of the fortified depot remain undisclosed, speculations suggest it might be under the ownership of the Slavyansk ECO Group, based on the logo painted on the oil depot.

X user Special Kherson Cat has posted an image of a Russian oil tank farm with anti-drone cages. 

The X user also posted several other images of Russian military machines with anti-drone cages. 

It's only a matter of time before US refineries and oil/nat gas storage facilities take the same proactive measures to boost security against evolving drone threats. 

Tyler Durden Tue, 04/30/2024 - 04:15


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