If We Don’t Stand Up For The Unvaxxed Now, We Wouldn’t Have Stood Up For Jews In The 1930s

May 21, 2024   |   Tags:

(Originally published October 13, 2021.)

I’m not telling you whether I’ve had the jab or not, because it doesn’t matter. What I am telling you is that a woman in Denver is about to die because the medical establishment won’t let her have a surgery, simply and only because she hasn’t had their shot. Bearing in mind that Denver hospitals have seen thousands of COVID patients over nearly two years, this isn’t defensible... it's willfully causing a death. The unvaxxed – people making a personal medical decision – are the subjects of executive orders from the President of the United States, among many other rulers. They are to be fired from their jobs or their employers will face heavy fines. And many have been fired. The unvaxxed are forbidden, by the executive orders of local potentates, from entering private businesses. The unvaxxed are being called “stupid,” on CNN and other “respected” news outlets. These same people are calling for them to be shamed, and worse. Many of their listeners are pleased if an anti-vaxx advocate gets sick and dies; some will even gloat over it. Many have expressed their wishes for such deaths. The unvaxxed have been silenced by Google, Facebook and Twitter, losing the ability to speak their minds in the public square. Civil libertarians have gone silent in the face of this open, flagrant and massive censorship. Outrage against the unvaxxed has been stoked relentlessly, by the most powerful outlets and services that exist, or have ever existed. Millions of otherwise normal people have become so polarized that they wish pain and suffering on the unvaxxed. All of this and more, simply because the unvaxxed made a personal medical choice and stuck with it. The powerful of almost every type are openly persecuting the unvaxxed. That means that you and I must defend them. If you’re afraid, suck it up and take whatever blows you must. If you fear people will call you a hypocrite, toughen up and let them. Whether or not you agree with the choices made by the unvaxxed, you must defend them as fellow human beings. If the unvaxxed aren’t allowed to make their own choices, then all the stories we told ourselves about tolerance, free speech and "my body my choice" were simply self-flattering bullshit. This is the moment when those stories live or die. The unvaxxed are being publicly shamed, hated, derided, fired from their jobs, denied medical care and more. The most powerful people in the world are driving it all, furiously. If this isn’t persecution, neither were the inquisitions. This is the time when all good people must stand up for the persecuted. If we won’t do it now, we wouldn’t have done it in the 1930s. ** Paul Rosenberg freemansperspective.com


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