Look up before you breathe too deeply?

May 22, 2024   |   Tags:

“Take a great big breath! It’s good for you.”

The powers that be – and academia in particular – aren’t happy about all of us folks who declined their vaccines and continue to live.

As opposition ramps up to the new World Health Organization (WHO) global pandemic treaty, pushed by the World Economic Forum, Regressives, and a whole host of other Statists and government worshippers, we must not forget that there are numerous ways in which the politicians and “health” tyrants are seeking to increase their control over you and us.

So Yale has a solution, as shared by a correspondent. It seems that the PTB have taken a page out of the history books: in particular aerial spraying of Agent Orange in ‘Nam. Let us force people to be vaccinated by spreading it by aerial spraying or even chemtrails out of aircraft.

Can’t refuse to take it then, eh? Unless you want to stop breathing, you science-denying, fake-news propagandist, right-wing Nazi, libtard, libertarian monsters! (Smile when you call us that, partner!)

Perhaps the PTB consider this to be poetic justice. The same people who refused to wear face diapers are also many of those who refuse to get the jab. Of course, I suspect that an N95 mask will no more keep you from inhaling a vaccine aerosol any more than it kept people from getting the Beer Flu. Much less a cloth mask or a neck gaiter. Even if you eat through a straw. (Aerosols don’t get neutralized by eating or drinking, after all.) (Side note: apparently MSHA and OSHA have decided that N95 masks won’t adequately protect miners and workers from the deadly respirable crystalline silica (RCS) either: but we can temporarily wear P100 or P1000 masks. Wow.)

Considering the increased mortality (“excess deaths”) of the Pandemic Panic, of course, the last thing we need in our fragile circumstances? More mandatory (and hidden) vaccination programs. Especially by those people whose science and medical degrees seem to have come in a box of Cracker Jacks.

(Unless, of course, the real (unstated) objective is to reduce the world population by 95% or whatever the latest and best number is. But given the track record of so many of these elitists, is that really even something to worry about?)

Honestly, these days, it is getting harder and harder to separate truth from rumors and rumors from old wives’ tales, and old wives’ tales from the lies of professional (and amateur) propagandists. Whatever side of hundreds of issues they are on. Who knows? Maybe all of this is a devious plot by advertising firms and people to sell more and more personal protective equipment? We know that things like this sell more clicks and therefore more advertising!


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