Are governments losing their wartime advantages?

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Uncle Joe is reportedly fond of telling people that they don’t need their AR-16s and AK-47 for various reasons. Including the idea that if the FedGov turns tyrannical, those weapons are worthless against F-16 fighter jets and M-1 main battle tanks.

Well… dare we question Uncle Joe? The best friend Israel ever had in the White House? The man who single-handedly rescued us from the evil tyranny of The Donald? The man who sees and speaks to the dead?

Really? How much more sarcastic can we be? Rome had Nero and Caligula. We have Uncle Joe. Rome survived relatively intact in power and territory for almost 3 centuries after Little Boots went mad. How long can we survive? (Don’t hold your breath.) Anyway…

Western Journal recently reported that the very powerful, seemingly invincible M-1A1 Abrams main battle tank ain’t doing so hot in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Of the 30 sent to deal brother Zelenskyy, apparently five had (as of the end of April) been killed by Russian or Russophile insurrectionists in Ukraine.


Must have been something pretty devastating to take out those monsters, yes? A tactical nuclear shell perhaps? A Russkie version of the A-10 ground attack aircraft (SLUFs or Warthogs)? Hottie secret agents able to steal the keys to the hatch from their Russian Army lovers to set off a bomb or the shells inside the tank? Smart bombs? Suicide attackers with souped up explosive vests or really nasty IED?

Apparently not. What has killed them? Drones. And not just any drones, but Russian drones. Drones apparently cobbled together in a hasty response to drones used by Ukrainians and the need to conserve valuable ground attack fighters and their pilots. Drones that apparently only cost a couple thousand rubles apiece, and that can be put together in a garage (or a basement that has a big enough door).

Double wow.

An M-1 – even the retired and pulled from the boneyard, export models that Uncle Joe is giving to dear world-savior Zelenskyy – costs about $24 million a pop (in 2024 FRNs). These are the tanks that went head to head with all of Saddam’s tanks and trashed them. The ones able to take on and destroy anything up to a T-90 and beyond. The ones that fling depleted uranium shells 2,200 yards to penetrate 21 inches of armor. (Although apparently the Urkies are only getting titanium, not DU.)

Defeated by a drone attack. See at least one video of strikes here. We are not talking US-comparable Predator drones here: we are talking about the same kind of drones that hundreds or thousands of American teenagers and young adults could build in their garage or backyard. (Notice the misuse of the word “kamikaze” here: These are unmanned, remotely-piloted little aircraft: no Russians daringly risking their lives to destroy something that costs something costing more than 10,000 times as much. And killing 2-4 men.

So let us put these two pieces of data and speculation together and apply it to some potential war of secession, rebellion, or civil war right here in the States.

It may not be AR-15s or AK-47s that are able to deal with F-16s or M-1s of any American airman or soldier stupid enough to go out and kill their neighbors and kinsmen and fellow Americans who are fed up with the Feds or who are branded as criminals and traitors by the thugs in DC. But it doesn’t need to be: if a drone can take out an M-1 in Ukraine, it can take out an M-1 in Texas. Or South Dakota. Or Virginia. And while you and I might not be skilled and smart enough to build a drone that will give an F-16 severe indigestion and likely cause a crash? You can be sure that there are tens of thousands of people who are able to do so.

And those boys and girls building and programing or remotely piloting the things? They will be protected by other men and women carrying AR-15s or AK-47 or SKS. Or maybe even .22-cal six shooters or 9mm automatic pistols.

At the same time as hundreds and thousands of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Guardians – shucks, even Coasties and PHS officers, are “deserting their posts because they finally see an opportunity to live up to their oath to the US Constitution against a regime that treats the document like a substitute for toilet paper.

In even a partially-free, technologically advanced, and even semi-educated society, government goons are doomed. The States are not Cambodia or North Korea or Venezuela. We can and will fight back. And win. Sic semper tyrannous.


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