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The Independent’s story about The Donald being banned from various and sundry countries seems almost gleeful to us here at TPOL. The list of 40 countries includes both Canada and the UK. The story writer seems convinced that the felony conviction will stand and will prevent Trump from carrying out his presidential duties. Felons can’t go there.

Now, TPOL has a number of problems with that. Hence our quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

First, although we are not sure when all these laws went into effect, we know that at least some of those nations, in recent decades, certainly have given “special accommodation” to allow certain felons to visit. Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat come to mind. As do De Silva of Brazil and Sarkozy of France. But of course, an American – and especially The Donald – is beyond the pale.

(Some might point out that clear Mandela and Arafat were convicted by supposedly evil, tyrannical regimes (the old South African government and the Israeli government). It is tempting to respond, “and just what is New York? And for that matter, Uncle Joe’s regime in DC?)

Second, the criminal case against The Donald is far from over, and many are predicting the case is so flaky that it will not last long. Of course, there are also apparently millions of Never-Trumpers who hope and pray and work to make sure that he is put in jail – in prison – immediately. Never mind due process. That hasn’t been followed according to many people.

Third, so what? Not even stooping to the standards that the New York judge and jury may have descended to, is there ANY former (or for that matter, current) resident of the White House that would not be convicted of various felonies (certainly more than 34, at least) committed before, during, and after being in office. At least by a truly honest and independent and moral judge and jury. (Of course, it could be argued that such a jury would not be “of their peers.”)

What we have, then, is just one more piece of evidence that makes it clear that government and our vaunted legal system is corrupt, a system of injustice, and that there are major players seeking to promote this sort of government, this sort of legal system. (For example, the Independant article was republished by MSN and other pro-government, anti-Trump outlets.

Fourth, we do not doubt that Trump is guilty of felonies, both before, during, and after his term of office. But the vast majority of these are not what NY, or DC, or Fulton County Georgia want to push. And certainly not to accomplish what they want to do: steal the 2024 election.

Trump is a bombastic, troublemaking, boastful, and egotistical man. His lack of morality is as big as his wealth and his ego. People – especially many of those in power – do not like what he says and does. For many, he is not a likeable or honest man. But even a guy like this is deserving of equal and fair treatment under the law.

Fortunately (for some, at least), our beloved Uncle Joe does not have to worry about equal, fair treatment by the legal system: it has already been demonstrated that he at least is above the law when it comes to many things. Such as security laws. And moral laws like telling the truth. (Apparently a sitting senator today mumbled something on a live mike today about “Never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals.” More to the point: “People whose uncles are eaten by cannibals get a free pass.”)

Fifth, Trump is not alone: there are hundreds of thousands of Americans today who are felons unjustly. Sometimes from unjust laws, others for forsworn testimony, ambitious prosecutors, misapplied laws, and more. And there are those, perhaps in the thousands, who escape punishment for their felonies. (This second group is an important codicil to the principle of not punishing the innocent; the first group is a violation of that principle.) And with our current system, this will continue.


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