Baude & Paulsen v. Blackman on Section 3

June 7, 2024   |   Tags: ,

On February 8, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Trump v. Anderson. Two days later, I debated Will Baude and Mike Paulsen on Section 3 at the 2024 Originalism Works in Progress Conference. I blogged about the event at the time, and shared my slides.

I am happy to share the video, which was posted in April, but I only recently learned of. My opening remarks are from about the 10 minute mark till the 20 minute mark. Even if you are not persuaded, you will be entertained. You might even get Tillmanized.

Given how the actual arguments went, and how the case came out, my exchange with Baude and Paulsen was probably the most meaningful discourse on this topic we have seen, and will be for some time.

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