Admission Of Failure? Democratic Cities Stop Reporting Crime Stats To FBI

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Admission Of Failure? Democratic Cities Stop Reporting Crime Stats To FBI

The Biden administration's statisticians at the Bureau of Labor Statistics have painted a rosy economic picture for the job market. Yet, voters know damn well the economy is in a persistent inflation storm sparked by Bidenomics. That's why President Biden's reelection odds are sinking by the month. The most recent BLS jobs report shows just how absurd these reports get by the month, and there is no shame by the gov't statisticians as working poor Americans struggle to pay rent and put food on the table. 

Context about the political BLS is crucial to understanding that data massaging doesn't stop there. The White House has recently unleashed its propaganda cannons, claiming nationwide crime has plunged to a half-century low. The problem with this narrative is that it's at odds with imploding progressive cities that do not uphold law and order and fail to arrest and prosecute criminals. Plus, on top of this all, Democrats have flooded the nation with ten million illegal aliens.

Let's begin with MSNBC's Kyle Griffin, who posted on X the latest FBI crime stats that show murder, rape, robbery, theft, and property crime has plummeted across the board nationwide. 

The data is at odds with reality. Recently, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre touted: "Violent crime is at a near 50-year low…" 

Responding to Griffin's post on X, Red State's Bonchie said, "Pretty amazing what happens when left-wing cities just stop reporting crime to the FBI." 

Bonchie cited a recent NRA-ILA report explaining how the Crime Prevention Research Center found that "one factor contributing to the ostensible dip in violent crime is that almost 40% of local law enforcement agencies are no longer transmitting their information to the national Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) database." 

You heard that correctly. 

Violent crime across America must be so out of control in failed leftist metro areas that radical leftists in local governments just stopped reporting crime data to the FBI. This is an admission the woke utopia of criminal and social justice reforms is an utter disaster.

Here's more from the NRA-ILA report:

In "2021, 37% of police departments stopped reporting crime data to the FBI (including large departments for Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York)," and for other jurisdictions, like Baltimore and Nashville, crimes are being underreported or undercounted. This leaves a large gap; by 2021, the real crime data collected by the FBI represented only 63% of police departments overseeing just 65% of the population. When compared to pre-2021 data, the result is a questionable "decline" in crime.

One X user provides the three easy steps under progressive control to reduce crime:

  1. Don't arrest criminals.
  2. Don't prosecute criminals
  3. Don't report crime statistics

Massaging economic data, like in the BLS' case, or, Democratic cities just not reporting data to the FBI achieves the intended result:

Or better, create this narrative:

We all know this is nonsense data. 

A former alleged FBI agent on X explained: 

"The problem is, that all the cities didn't stop sending arrest data in at the same time.  The problem has been getting worse and worse as mayors got tired of claiming crime was down and then being called liars by people pulling up the FBI reported crime.  Their answer increasingly  became to just stop reporting the crimes (and also there was some reclassifying of violent crimes as well, like calling an armed robbery a larceny).  And, even the murder rates suffered from a data problem that's really not anyone's fault.   Trauma care just keeps better and better and a whole lot  of shooting victims who have died just a few years ago, now are saved.  (Baltimore saw this phenomena when they opened their shock trauma center and murders inexplicably went down while attempted murders went up.)" 

The Epoch Times' Jeffrey Tucker had this to say last fall about falling crime statistics: 

"Mass statistical ignorance is extremely costly. It allows a ruling class to toss around numbers all the time to sound vaguely sciency but without having any real substance behind the claims. This is what enabled the Biden administration to say daily that the job market is great, that economic growth is strong, that Americans are growing wealthier, and now, that crime is down. It's all completely gibberish and contradicted by every bit of reality that we observe with our own eyes." 

And more recently RealClearInvestigations' James Varney wrote in a note, "Baltimore department acknowledges its numbers may not be the same as those it submits to the FBI, but states on its website that "any comparisons are strictly prohibited."

To sum it up, the government is rigging statistics—be it about the economy or crime. You're living in one giant matrix. This time, the bullshit is clearer than ever.

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