New Russian “Glide Bombs” Proving Highly Effective As Summer Offensive Begins

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New Russian "Glide Bombs" Proving Highly Effective As Summer Offensive Begins

A new weapon (outfitted using old weapons) has been used increasingly by Russia in the past two months and it's proving to be highly effective as the Russian forces in Ukraine ramp up what looks to be the beginning of a long anticipated summer offensive.  Dubbed the "glide bomb," they are actually Soviet era FAB bombs retrofitted with glide technology and rudimentary laser/GPS guidance.  The FABs can weigh up to 6600 pounds and have a deadly shrapnel radius of at least 200 yards. 

The glide bombs are launched from Russian air assets well away from Ukrainian anti-aircraft positions and the weapons "glide" up to 40 miles to front line targets with relative precision.  The cost of retrofitting FAB bombs is far cheaper than building modern laser guided weapons like ATACMS.  The bombs give Russia the ability to provide air support to offensive troops without putting aircraft in the way of NATO missiles.  Meaning, they are the perfect weapon to enable a new Russian offensive action.  European tacticians are calling the glide bombs "wonder weapons."

There are reports that the newest version of the glide bomb called the 'FAB 3000' is already being used at the front.  The bombs are so large they do not require a direct hit on target in order to do extensive damage.

It is illegal for Ukrainians to post video footage on social media of damage caused by Russian strikes unless it is approved by the government first.  However, there is enough evidence of damage caused by FABs to prove they are being used in great numbers in cities like Kharkiv.  The Ukrainian media admitted on June 23rd that at least 35 glide bombs hit Kharkiv in a single day, perhaps softening up the area for a future offensive push.


The uptick in the use of these weapons has coincided with increased Russian activity in the east at dozens of points along the front, indicating that a larger scale offensive action has begun.  As long as their forces remain within a range protected by glide bombs and artillery the Ukrainians are at a distinct disadvantage.     

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