Arab League Suddenly Revokes Hezbollah’s Terrorist Designation

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Arab League Suddenly Revokes Hezbollah's Terrorist Designation

While some Western countries have ramped up sanctions against Hezbollah amid daily missile fire on northern Israel, the Arab League has issued a surprise reversal of its terror designation.

The influential regional organization, which is akin to an 'Arab UN' will no longer classify the Tehran-backed group as a terrorist organization, Egypt’s Al-Qahera news channel first reported.

Spokesman for the pan-Arab organization Hossam Zaki explained of the reversal during a visit to Beirut that "in earlier Arab League decisions, Hezbollah was designated as a terrorist organization. This terminology was reflected in our resolutions, and led to the severing of our communication with them [Hezbollah]."

"Member states of the Arab League have now agreed that this approach no longer applies," Zaki said. He referenced the possibility of establishing direct communications with Hezbollah as a matter of urgent diplomacy, which is only enabled by dropping the terror label.

Zaki also asserted that Hezbollah "has a major role in Lebanon's future". Interestingly the statement comes just as the paramilitary group, which has representation in Lebanese parliament, is on the brink of all-out war with Israel. 

Israel will likely see this drastic change as more of an anti-Israel move by the Arab League. According to geopolitical analyst Lisa Daftari, since its founding Hezbollah has received help from Iran's elite IRGC, "the faction has grown to become the world’s most powerful non-state actor, claiming a membership of 100,000, an arsenal of 120,000 rockets, and an annual budget of $700 million."

There is also widespread acknowledgement that Hezbollah is much more powerful and better armed force than Hamas:

"Hezbollah is the crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror and evil and is by far the most powerful Iranian proxy, equipped with nation state capabilities and even more firepower than several European countries have today," former IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus told Fox News.

"In a military comparison, Hezbollah is far more powerful than Hamas," he added.

The White House has repeatedly warned that escalation in Lebanon would neither be good for Israel nor for the region, and would risk a broader major war with Iran.

Earlier this month Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Whoever thinks he can hurt us and we will respond by sitting on our hands is making a big mistake." The situation was further complicated last month when massive fires spread in the north due to constant Hezbollah drone and missile attacks. "We are prepared for very intense action in the north," the Israeli leader has warned.

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